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PI Couriers : The Best Couriers For Businesses In Herts

The Best Couriers For Businesses In Herts

Your Customers Are Our Customers

We understand that when we deliver for you we become the public face of your company.  That’s why we treat your customers as though they were our customers.

We choose our drivers carefully, and  know them all personally, to make sure they are always polite and helpful.

Smart Drivers, Smart Technology

Our drivers wear our logo, and are always well dressed.  They are also well informed, because they have the latest sat-nav technology, including traffic updates to help them avoid jams.

They are all experienced,  and are pro-active at avoiding problems and hold-ups.

Direct From A To B

The big courier companies keep their costs down by taking your deliver to their depot then shipping lots of loads in one lorry to the next depot.  Your delivery might change vehicle three or more times in one journey.  At each changeover there is the risk the delivery will be dropped, or lost, or put on the wrong lorry.

We never do this.  We take your delivery direct from A to B, in one van, in one journey.  It’s faster, and it’s safer.

Keeping You in Touch

We are pro-active in keeping you in touch with the progress of your delivery.  We do are best to avoid delays, but if they do happen we let you know.  We never leave it to you to chase up your delivery.

Fully Insured

We don’t cut corners on insurance.  We have full courier insurance, and Goods in Transit insurance.

Please do ask any of our drivers for their insurance documents : they will be happy to produce them.

Contact Work and Regular Jobs

We are happy to discuss special rates for contract work and regular jobs.  With us, you will talk directly to the decision maker, not to a middle manager who can only follow head office instructions.

Helpful, Efficient Back Office

Our helpful and efficient back office helps keeps your admin running smoothly, and helps keep your admin costs down.

Our invoices are clear, detailed and accurate.  If there are any queries just call our office during normal working hours, and we will sort them out.

For the best couriers for businesses in Hertfordshire, contact us.